Each leaf, feather, and petal in nature is a mirror of our inner world and contains wisdom and lessons to coming home. 

This year I am designing my dream oracle deck — filled with the wisdom from nature’s treasures.

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Sample Cards


Birthed from the decay
of old growth,
You have been curled tight
against the Winter cold.
It is time to unfurl your fronds.
To make the forest smell sweet again
with the dreams and new growth
you’ve been brewing inside.
You are hearty, rooted
Yet whimsical and wild.
Let the most beautiful parts of your soul
show themselves to the world.

VIBES: Sweet forest smell, Renewal, A Return from Hibernation


You shimmer with magic but don’t yet see your own brilliance clearly.
Work with your inner child to lighten up your life and remind you how to play. Do things that spark your creativity, make you laugh giddily, or remind you of childhood. The sillier, the better.
There is a child-like preciousness inside you — always remember that, honor it, and aim to include that mini-you in your life.
Embracing this part of yourself can bring a greater abundance of self-love and compassion.
VIBES: Magic, Light-heartedness, Innocence, Fun, Snacks in the park.


Fire is one of the most powerful tools for cleansing and renewal.
It is time to let go of who you used to be to make way for a truer version of yourself.
Just as Native American’s burn prairies to keep back encroaching plants, feed the Earth, and increase the heartiness and strength of the seeds that survive…
So do we each need an occasional Spiritual burning to eradicate our own overgrown weeds and to feed the seeds of possibility. 
On a piece of paper, write down all you wish to release and all you wish to embody. With intention, burn the page safely in a fireplace or fire pit, feeling your old limitations and anxieties burn away with it. Your dreams will be carried off into the Universe with the smoke, calling their fruition toward you.

VIBES: Release, Cleansing, Smoke, A New Path


The Watcher.

Observe your deepest valleys and darkest groves.

The parts inside you where things go bump in the night.

Remain neutral and here you will find the juiciest parts of your soul.

A richness of life.

And a stillness that makes the world come alive at your gaze

VIBES: Introspection, Sensuality, Shadow, Moonlight, Wild calls in the night


Cool and clean like glass
Deep and dark like the ocean.
You hold within you the dark, cavernous space
where all things are born.
Ideas, dreams, and inspirations.
Everything is birthed out of darkness.
The color black represents this —
Always embrace it.
Learn to still your mind to hear your own guidance
and these ideas calling from the depths.
Fill your creative well.
You must stock and nurture the pond
if you want good fishing.
VIBES: Darkness, deep dives, mysticism, creation, fill the well

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